Fitness Classes

Fitness Classes

The Merrill Leisure Club has a wide range of classes to suit all levels of fitness. Our Wicklow based gym provides a comfortable environment with professional instructors to give you the extra push and all motivation you need.

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Spinning Classes

Spinning is an energetic , low impact, cardio workout on stationary bikes set to music and led by a qualified spinning instructor. Try it out this week - classes are 45 minutes long.

Aqua Aerobic Classes

Aqua Aerobics is a fun & enjoyable workout to music while in the water. It is a class suited to all fitness levels and aims to give a total body workout combining cardio fitness, muscle conditioning and overall strength. No swimming skills are needed for this class and it will suit all age groups as one of its main advantages is the very low impact on the joints therefore reducing any risk of injury.

Box exercise

Enjoy sparring with a partner using pads and shadowboxing which involves repetitions of boxing moves as the basis for a high energy workout. The emphasis is on knocking your body into shape.   High intensity boxing training , working on co-ordination ,speed, power. Perfecting boxing combinations, gloves and pads provided.

Core conditioning

A short, intense and focused 15 min class attacking the entire abdominal muscle group. Tighten your waist, flatten your stomach, shape your abs and strengthen your lower back with a variety of simple abdominal exercises.

Kettelbell classes

The original Russian fat loss and total body conditioning tool, Kettlebells will get you into shape while simultaneously strengthening your body! We will take your through a series swinging, pressing and squatting movements making your body more functionally strong and lean. This cast iron ball with a handle also elevates the heart rate and increases your endurance. Suitable for all levels of fitness, this class will have you swinging your way to a better body!

Flex and stretch

Low impact exercise routine focused on stretching, leaning each muscle group.  This class consists of a mixture of strength , balance , core & flexibility. You will be performing light movements as well as holding positions and poses. All to help posture and increase flexibility. 


High intensity interval training -  cardiovascular exercise with minimal rest breaks, Great class for working up a sweat.


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